37202 DB III BR80 Steam Locomotive (G-Scale)


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37202 DB III BR80 Steam Locomotive (G-Scale)


  • Detailed 3-axle industrial steam locomotive
  • Powerful 5-pole precision can-type motor
  • Numerous molded-on and separately applied details including lights, tank piping, handrails, brake cylinders, bumpers, and smoke stack.
  • Smoke unit ready ((Use a PIKO #36142 5-Volt Smoke Unit and PIKO #36143 5-Volt Regulator)
  • Operating white directional lighting
  • Detailed interior with engineer figure
  • Analog DC sound-ready (Use a PIKO #36194 sound kit - not for Digital/DCC operation)
  • Digital DCC decoder and sound ready (Use a PIKO #36193 sound kit in conjunction with PIKO loco decoder #36124)
    • NOTE:  Locomotive will run on Analog DC, but sound functions ONLY on Digital DCC.  There is no sound on Analog DC power.
  • Heavy duty, durable hard-chrome plated ball-bearing drive wheels
  • Hook and loop type couplers
  • Crisp and clean lettering and logo designs
  • Created with incredibly tough weather-resistant materials
  • Minimum recommended radius: 600mm / 23.6”
  • Length: 330mm / 13”
  • Made in Germany

37202 Instructions/Parts List

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