55200 Box of 6 Straight Track, 9.4" (HO-Scale)


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55200 Box of 6 Straight Track, 9.4" (HO-Scale)


  • Length: 239mm / 9.4"
  • G239 + G231 give the modulus length of 470.0 mm
  • Filigree Code 100 track profile
  • Track profiles made of high-quality nickel silver alloy
  • Ties made of aging-resistant plastic
  • Darkbrown Tie strip with model-based wooden thresholds
  • Unique track geometry makes even complex track plans simple to build with only a few different track sections.
  • Compatible with most other brands of HO-Scale track for unlimited expansion possibilities.
  • Sturdy push-together rail joiners are factory-formed to fit tightly to the rail profile.
  • Made in our own factory

HO-Scale A-Track sections can be purchased in boxes of 6.

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