35215 Box of 12, R5 1240mm Radius Curve Track, 48.8"R (G-Scale)


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35215 Box of 12, R5 1240mm Radius Curve Track, 48.8"R (G-Scale)


  • R5 Curve: Radius = 1240mm / 48.8"
    • Diameter = 2480mm / 97.6"
  • Each 35215 curve is 15°
  • 24 pieces completes a circle
  • 100% Virgin Brass Rail
  • Code 332 (0.332” high) solid rail.
  • Ties are made of ultraviolet-stabilized HDPE
  • Unique track geometry makes even complex track plans simple to build with only a few different track sections.
  • Compatible with most other brands of G-Scale track for unlimited expansion possibilities.
  • Sturdy push-together rail joiners are factory-formed to fit tightly to the rail profile.
  • Made in our own factory in Germany.


 PIKO Curve Track Geometry

For best results outdoors, use PIKO RailClamps.

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