55445 Roadbed End Cap, 10 Pcs (HO-Scale)


  • 55445 Roadbed End Cap, 10 Pcs (HO-Scale)
  • 55445 Roadbed End Cap, 10 Pcs (HO-Scale)

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55445 Roadbed End Cap, 10 Pcs (HO-Scale)



  • Easily attaches on to any piece of PIKO Roadbed Track.
  • Realistically-detailed medium-gray crushed stone ballast texture with subtle color variations for a natural appearance.
  • Precisely molded of semi-flexible, sound absorbing plastic material to fit perfectly to the track and join together almost seamlessly.
  • Sturdy snap-together / snap-apart connectors hold track sections securely together and require no tools to take apart.
  • Roadbed is detachable from the track section and can be easily cut, drilled or modified if desired.
  • Uses actual PIKO A-Track sections, so it can join up perfectly to non-roadbed PIKO A-Track, for easy layout expansion.
  • Made in our own factory

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