55311 Roadbed A-Track, Set B (HO-Scale)


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55311 Roadbed A-Track, Set B (HO-Scale)

 PIKO Roadbed A-Track Set: B Consists of:

  • 1x 55421 Roadbed Right Switch
  • 1x 55400 Roadbed G239 Straight track 239 mm
  • 5x 55401 Roadbed G231 Straight track 231 mm
  • 2x 55446 Roadbed A-Track Bumper

This set contains only the track pieces listed above, or colored in the image.  Starter sets with PIKO Roadbed A-Track come with Set A, or separate pieces can create your basic loop.

Together with the track set A the base area is 62.2 x 34.6" (158 x 88 cm).

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