52467 USATC Whitcomb 65T, Sound, 3-rail (HO-Scale)


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52467 USATC Whitcomb 65 Ton (65-DE-19A) Diesel Loco, w/Sound, 3-Rail (HO-Scale)

Pre-Production Image are Shown.  (There will be some edits to the final model.)


This USATC Whitcomb model includes a PIKO 4.1 SmartDecoder and Sound installed at our factory and is usable on DCC or mfx.  More info is on the way soon...

The PIKO 4.1 SmartDecoder with sound has numerous things to enjoy including engine noise, signal horns, brake squeal and plenty of other switchable functions.  (Only Engine noise sounds are possible in standard Analog/DC mode.)  The PIKO 4.1 SmartDecoder also allows for light programming of head/tail lights.


A Little About The Prototype...

The Whitcomb 65-Ton Diesel loco (also known as the 65-DE-19A) is a unique and detailed loco that actually helped win WWII. The Whitcomb 65-Ton Diesel Locos were built in America to fit the tight clearances of European railroads. After the US Army Transportation Corps was done with them, some even returned to serve on railroads and industrial short lines all across America. 

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