35282 Easy Railer Powered Rerailer (G-Scale)


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35282 Powered Rerailer (G-Scale)

Our new powered rerailer makes it easy to put any locomotive on the track. With large multi-wheeled locos, it can be a real challenge to get all the wheels correctly on the rails.
And while a garden railway can be great fun, bending down in the rocks and dirt to put trains on the tracks is not fun. That struggle is now a thing of the past! Set the rerailer
down on a powered track and the built-in contacts automatically pick up power from the rails. Just place a loco down on the rerailer - no need to fuss with accurately aligning
wheels - and it rolls down onto the track under its own power. The new PIKO powered rerailer features a short version for smaller locos, plus a snap-on extension for those really
long locos. And it works just as well for freight and passenger cars of any size.

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