35042 R/C Loco Receiver


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35042 R/C Loco Receiver 5A, Pure DC w/ Remote

  • The Receiver provides up to 6A peak power (5A continuous duty rating), with a "Pure DC" output safe for the Analog operation mode of most DCC decoders, including the popular PIKO 36220 steam sound decoder kit.
  • The Receiver board is designed for easy installation inside many G-Scale locos. The Receiver board measures 3.38" x 2.16" x 1.06" (86x55x27mm)
  • Includes two relay-type function contacts for controlling horn/ whistle and bell on a separate sound unit.
  • The built-in rectifier allows the Receiver board to operate on 12-18V AC / 12-24V DC 6A power supply, from either onboard batteries or constant track voltage.
  • Includes Mode switch to select voltage output range, starting either at 0.5V for locos without internal voltage drop circuits, or at 6V for decoder-equipped locos with a higher startup voltage.
  • Receiver PCB includes wiring access cut-out for easy installation in locations such as tenders with wires coming up through the floor.
  • Easy screw-terminal connections for motor, lighting and two function outputs.
  • 8 selectable R/C channels. Set up to 8 different locos to different channels for independent operation, or set any number of locos to the same channel for multiple-unit lashups.
  • Includes 35041 Pocket Remote

35042 Instruction Manual

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