35028 R/C Analog Power Set, 5A/120V (G-Scale)


  • 35028 R/C Analog Power Set, 5A/120V (G-Scale)
  • 35028 R/C Analog Power Set, 5A/120V (G-Scale)

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35028 Radio Control (R/C) Analog Power Set, 5A/120V


  • Provides Analog DC track power with the convenience of walk-around R/C control
  • Includes 22V/5A transformer, R/C-operated Analog DC controller, and pocket remote
  • Up to 4.5 Amps of Analog DC track power for your trains
  • Up to 2.0 Amps of R/C-controlled fixed DC accessory power
  • 5.0 Amps total combined power
  • Controller also provides R/C-operated DC accessory voltage outputs
  • Up to 80' R/C range (30 meters)
  • Pocket remote includes a CR2025 battery


  • No loco modifications needed!
  • Connect the R/C analog throttle to the transformer and to
    your layout and be running trains in minutes.
  • Push buttons on the pocket remote give you simple,
    precise control of the speed and direction of your analog DC powered
    train, plus emergency stop.
  • Remote offers up to 80' (30 meter) wireless walk-around range.
  • 8 selectable channels on both the R/C analog throttle
    and the pocket remote allow you options

Easy, flexible, powerful, reliable R/C control is here from PIKO for
your Analog DC track-powered layout, indoors or outdoors.

35028 Instruction Manual

35041 Instruction Manual (Remote specific instructions)


* This item is not recommended for use with decoder-equipped locos.  If you wish to use this device and locos with decoders, we suggest a device to convert PWM to DC similar to the inexpensive device from G-Scale Graphics or other companies.

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