35020 Transformer 120V / 20V / 6A (G-Scale)


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35020 Transformer 120V / 20V / 6A (G-Scale)


  • 120V transformer provides 20V DC / 6A of continuous power.  Ideal power supply for the 35010 Digital Central Station, 35015 Digital Booster, 35002 Analog Throttle and other devices.  Modern "switching power supply" technology provides high power and excellent voltage stability in a small, lightweight unit.
  • Safety agency approved
  • The PIKO G-Digital System uses four items for complete digital control... 35010, 35020, 35037 and 35038.

Not for use with PIKO SmartControl System components

This is one component of the complete PIKO G Digital System, not a stand-alone item.  Download the 99330 PIKO G-Scale Digital Flyer for info on the complete system.


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