56415 PIKO SmartProgrammer (All-Scales)


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56415 PIKO SmartProgrammer (All-Scales)

The PIKO Smartprogrammer makes it easy to download PIKO sound files or create your own, program files into PIKO SmartDecoders, adjust start-up delay or minimum and maximum speed and more!  All you need to program is a PC, smartphone or tablet with a free USB port.



  • Intuitive operation of the software for programming and testing of model trains
  • High-speed downloads of future PIKO Sound files to the decoder via the SUSI interface
  • Add user-created sound and adjust the volume
  • Assign functions and sound to the function keys conveniently
  • Easily set all digital parameters like startup, braking deceleration or motor control
  • Easily modify speed steps via on-screen display
  • Read and write CV's (Configuration Variables) that are diagram or menu-supported; individually or in blocks
  • Program on the main track (RailCom) or programming track (ACK) as well as with the PIKO test module
  • Archive previous decoder settings
  • Update the decoder's firmware

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