PIKO G-Scale Track Features

  • Only pure 100% Virgin Brass Rail - our brass is mined, refined and drawn into rail - never using scrap metal.
    • Our Virgin Brass rail is a better electrical conductor, is easer to clean, and stays clean longer than rail made from recycled metal.   Our pure brass develops a realistic-looking patina outdoors.  (Some other brands stay an ugly yellow color and even develop surface rust from the scrap iron, scrap aluminum and many other impurities.)
    • Code 332 (0.332” high) solid rail.  The heavy-duty profile is strong and carries current with minimal voltage loss.  (Some other brands hollow out the bottom of the rail or are even made of sheet metal, not solid brass.)
PIKO rail clamps - 2 styles
  • Ties made of ultraviolet-stabilized HDPE (high-density polyethylene) to withstand decades of use outdoors.
  • Unique track geometry makes complex track plans simple to build with only a few different track sections.
  • Compatible with most other brands of G-Scale track for unlimited expansion possibilities.
  • Sturdy push-together rail joiners are factory-formed to fit tightly to the rail profile.
  • Made in our own factory in Germany, for the quality you deserve.
  • Don't ever let anyone tell you that track is all the same.  There IS a difference!

For best results outdoors, use PIKO RailClamps:  (Pictured)

  • PIKO RailClamps in two styles, to go either directly on the rail (On-Rail) or over the existing rail joiners (Over-Joiner), for a long-lasting mechanical and electrical connection on garden railway layouts.
Click on the link for our "PIKO G-Scale G-Track Flyer".