38515 UP 25-Ton Diesel Battery R/C w/Sound (G-Scale)


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38515 UP 25-Ton Diesel Battery R/C w/Sound (G-Scale)

This loco is battery-powered. (Batteries not included. High-capacity rechargeable batteries recommended.)

Don't forget to download the G-Scale GE 25-Ton Diesel Information Booklet.


  • Detailed GE 25-Ton diesel electric locomotive with lights
  • Simple R/C Pocket Remote with pre-programmed buttons to control speed and direction (based on power speed steps) and horn (button II) and bell (button I)
  • Completely powered by 6 'AAA' batteries (batteries not included)
  • Powerful 5-pole precision can-type ball-bearing motor
  • Numerous molded-on details including lights, springs, bolts and more
  • Factory-applied handrails, coupler lift-bar, and steps
  • Operating white directional lighting
  • Realistic cab interior with space for engineer figure
  • Heavy duty, durable hard chrome ball-bearing wheels
  • Hook and loop type couplers (ready for easy installation of Kadee® 831 or 909 knuckle couplers)
  • Crisp and clean lettering and logo designs
  • Created with incredibly tough weather-resistant materials
  • Up to 80' R/C range (30 meters)
  • Pocket remote includes a CR2025 battery
  • Motor is completely isolated from track power
  • Minimum recommended radius: 600mm / 23.6”
  • Made in Germany

Another industry first from PIKO! 25-Ton diesel locos factory-equipped for full battery-powered operation, with PIKO R/C and realistic TCS digital sound built-in. Run the train over any track - clean, dirty or unpowered, even across the floor! It's all controlled from the convenient Pocket Remote, included with the loco. Six standard size 'AAA' batteries (not included, high-capacity rechargeables are recommended) allow for long running time. The quick-change battery clip is located inside the engine hood and the front panel snaps off for easy access. 8 selectable R/C channels allow running multiple locos independently, or controlling multiple locos together in one train consist. What could be more fun than one PIKO 25-Tonner? A double-header, triple-header, or more! In addition to the bright directional LED constant lights and cab interior light, the highly realistic digital sound is completely new, a joint development of PIKO and TCS, a name already well-respected for digital sound decoder technology. Numerous authentic sounds function automatically. And if the powerful high-fidelity sound becomes a bit much, there's an easily-reached volume control in the loco cab. Press a button to turn on the bell as the train pulls out of a station. Press again to turn it off. Press and hold another button to blow the horn as long as desired. Give the correct two blasts when starting in forward, and three in reverse, or a few quick warnings to clear the tracks. Even blow the grade crossing pattern of two longs, a short and a long blast. And this realistic control is easy with just one hand, at up to 80' range - unaffected by daylight and big enough for the great outdoors.


The GE 25-Ton diesel locomotives are small, two-axle industrial diesel switching locomotives. They were procured by many railroads and shortlines in North America, starting before the Second World War, as American railroads began converting from steam to diesel power. General Electric started in 1938 with the construction of small diesel-electric locomotives.

From this point on, these compact locomotives were used on both standard and narrow-gauge lines for local switching service and operation in industrial plants. All GE-built 25-Ton locomotives had a Cummins 150 hp diesel engine turning a generator, which powered a traction motor on a single axle. The other axle was connected via chain-drive.

The locos were known for their excellent pulling power compared to their size and were popular with operating crews. The locomotives had a maximum speed of about 20 mph. Production lasted for decades with relatively little change, finally ending in 1974.

They were the best-selling small diesel locomotives in America, and many were exported to other markets. Over time, GE made various production modifications, and numerous further changes were made by railroad shops crews. Many are still in use today.

38505 Instructions/Parts List

35041 Instructions Manual (Remote specific instructions)

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