PIKO America is here, as the exclusive American source for the complete range of PIKO trains, track, buildings and more!

Retailers all across the USA and Canada can rely on us to have the full line of more than 600 affordable, German-Made, quality PIKO G-Scale products available year-round, so they can supply whatever you need for your growing railroad empire.
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PIKO America, LLC
4610 Alvarado Canyon Road, Suite 5
San Diego CA 92120 USA
Phone: 619-280-2800
Toll-Free: 877-678-4449
Fax: 619-280-2843
Email: info@piko-america.com
Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM Pacific
You can see the full PIKO product line in all scales at the main PIKO website by clicking on the following link: http://www.piko.de/
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PIKO also offers over 1200 different attractively-priced, high-quality European-style trains, track, buildings and accessories in HO-Scale, N-Scale and even TT-Scale. 

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